Professor Aubrey Newman

Emeritus Professor of History: The Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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My migration interests centre on the migration of several million Jews from Eastern Europe between 1850 and 1914, looking at the conditions from which they left, their impact upon the countries to which they went, not omitting their impact on the countries through which they went.  Of equal interest are the mechanic of this migration, especially the importance of competition amongst the leading shipping companies of the day.  One point of concentration was the peculiar link which was built up between the Jews of Lithuania (and particularly of Kovno) and South Africa.

The Archives which have been used include the papers of the Jewish Colonisation Association [ICA] now held in the Central Zionist Archives of Israel; the papers of the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter as well as of many Anglo-Jewish bodies; and the records of the South African Jewish communities in Cape Town and Johannesburg

In this connection there was until recently a project in the School of Historical Studies to put onto computer the Registers of the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter (1896-1914) which are available as a database in the University.  There were a number of studies analysing these records preserved in the Department.  There was also an M Phil thesis by Caroline Barker as well as a doctoral thesis by Nicholas Evans who transferred his registration to the University of Hull, where he is now a Lecturer.

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