Katherine Roscoe

Research Assistant for Carceral Archipelago Project
School of History
6 Salisbury Road
University of Leicester
Leicester, LE1 7RH

Email: kar29@le.ac.uk
Twitter: katwee_
Academia profile

MA World History and Cultures, King’s College London (2012), distinction
BA English and History Joint Honours, University of Leeds (2011), first

PhD Title
The construction and experience of space for convicts transported to Rottnest and Cockatoo Islands.

Preliminary Brief of PhD
My work forms part of a wider ERC-funded project, Carceral Archipelago, led by Prof. Clare Anderson. This project is trying, for the first time, to map and understand transportation on a global scale – thereby uniting migration scholarship with the history of punishment. As part of this, I am working to write a micro-history of two Australian penal colonies, Rottnest and Cockatoo Islands, focusing particularly on the construction and experience of space for those confined on the islands. The aim is to explore transnational networks of penal labour, without losing site of the everyday  experience of individual convicts. From preliminary research it emerges that these islands are anything but isolated, functioning instead as sites of nodes in a transnational network of goods and ideas, whilst simultaneously using displacement as a means to discipline those who deviated from the aims of the colonial project. It will explore space on three levels – the exterior – positioning of the islands in wider maritime and mainland geographies; the interior – the natural geography and organisation of buildings on the island; and the individual – how convicts ‘carved out’ their own space within the institutional system.

Prof. Clare Anderson and Dr. Katherine Foxhall

Papers and Presentations
New History Lab (University of Leicester), Between the Land and Sea: Exterior spatiality on Cockatoo and Rottnest Islands (November 2013).
Institute of Historical Research (London), Pentonville Prison and the Transnational Currents of Carceral Ideology (June 2013)

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