John Williams

John Williams

Senior Lecturer: Department of Sociology

Tel: +44 (0)116-252-2745 (direct line)

I am interested in questions concerning globalisation, national and sub-national sporting identities, and 'race' and racism in sport.

Until recently I Chaired the Foxes Against Racism group at Leicester City and I now sit on the Race Equality Advisory Group for football in Leicestershire. I have also been involved in research on local sport and BME communities. So I am interested in the role of local sport for immigrant communities, and in professional sporting migrations - players, owners, coaches, fans - and in some of the new complexities raised by sport in this kind of global context.

I am looking in detail at the response of fans to the highly contentious and still disputed recent 'racism' case in football involving two 'migrant' players now based in Britain, the Frenchman  Patrice Evra and the Uruguayan Luis Suarezand its findings and thus the contingent and at best partial acceptance of anti-racism strictures in sport in the face of other powerful loyalties - to country, city, player and club.

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