Foteini Panagiotopoulou

Interdisciplinary PhD student in Politics / Mathematics
Graduate Research Assistant, School of History, Politics and International Relations - Leicester Migration Network
University of Leicester
University Road
Leicester LE1 7RH


Qualifications and Biography
I started my PhD in 2015. Before that I had received a 5-years BA Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, major in Computing Software and Telecommunications, minor in Computing Systems and Biomedicine, from the National Technical University of Athens. I completed my thesis on  digital technology, the internet and social networking and the interplay among websites, social media and social movements under the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. Moreover, I had studied and received a Pg. Diploma in Person Centred Counseling from the University of Strathclyde.

During my studies I worked for the Board of European Students of Technology where I participated in the organisation of education and cultural workshops, seminars and courses as a member of the board of the local group of Athens. I have also worked as a mathematics teacher and a counselor, providing assistance to Greek and immigrant children and adolescents in Greece and as a software engineer.

PhD topic

Social networks of migrant associations, cooperation and political action in Europe

Description of PhD topic

My research focuses on exploring what is the relation between the patterns of social networking among migrant voluntary associations in Europe and the outcomes of their cooperation and coordination for social and political goals, by considering concurrently the respective effects of ethnicity and political ideology. More specifically, I am interested in unveiling the effects of ethnicity and political ideology on the choices of migrant associations to interact or not with other migrant or native organisations.

The main methodological objective of my quantitative research is to use statistics along with highly sophisticated social network analysis with introducing broad range of network properties and visualisations and focus simultaneously on multiple relations among migrant associations. As a result, this research intends to contribute methodologically to the relevance of social network theory and graph theory in the field of migrants’ organisational networking, and empirically to the application of the methods of social network analysis and graph theory to the study of, not previously studied, relational data among different kinds of political and non-political migrant associations.

Prof. Laura Morales and Prof. Alexander Gorban

Research Interests

  • Political and non political migrant/ethnic organisations
  • Organisational Networks and Social Capital of migrant/ethnic minorities
  • Structural patterns of Organisational Networks of migrant/ethnic minorities
  • Organisational Networks and achievement of Organisational goals
  • Ethnicity as an organisational attribute and Organisational Networks
  • Political Ideology as an organisational attribute and Organisational Networks
  • Political organisations and political behaviour
  • Political participation of migrant/ethnic minorities

Broader Interests: Social Networks, Interdisciplinarity, Research Methods, Collective Action, Organisation Studies, Politics of immigration, Social Movements, Comparative Politics, Political Psychology

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