Dr Tracy Simmons

Lecturer: Department of Media and Communication

Contact details

Telephone: 0116 223 1881
E-mail: tas11@le.ac.uk

My research interests are in sexual citizenship and immigration.  My previous Tracy Simmons research has focused on the development of unmarried partner’s provision in the UK, examining the policy and experiences of same-sex couples attempting to achieve their migration based on their relationship. Though focused  primarily on the UK this is also in the context of European Union law which has been in differing ways an important part of what relationships are recognised (or not) in terms of ‘family reunion’ and what rights are available for couples when they are migrating.  

More broadly, I am interested in intersections between sexuality and gender and migration.  How debates concerning citizenship are ‘sexualised’, this also relates to other work on queer diasporas, sexuality and mobility.   Work published on this has been: “Sexuality and immigration: UK family reunion policy and the regulation of sexual citizens in the European Union.” Political Geography 27:2 (2008): 213-230; “Skills, Sexual Citizens and the UK’s Family Reunion Provision” in Dialogue Section of Feminist Review, August (2004): 77 and “The Global Politics of Sexual Dissidence, Migration and Diaspora.” (co-written with Jon Binnie) in E. Kofman and G. Youngs, eds. Globalization: Theory and Practice. 3rd ed. (Continuum, 2008).

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