Dr Ipek Demir

Associate Professor: Department of Sociology

BA (Ankara), MA, PhD (Sussex), ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (HPS, Cambridge)

Room: Attenborough Tower 505
Tel: +44 (0)11-6252-2752 (direct line)
Email: id34 [at] le.ac.uk

I'm interested in the translation and migration of knowledge and culture.


I investigate epistemological issues concerning the migration and translation of knowledge. In particular I study the theoretical and philosophical dimensions of border-making, conflict, migration and translation and interaction across the boundaries of knowledge communities. I also carry out empirical research in this area, studying the relationship between trust, the movement (translation) of knowledge, data sharing and knowledge exchange.


I examine the translation and transformation of ethnic and cultural identity in diasporic contexts. In particular I carry out empirical research involving the Kurdish and Turkish diasporas in Europe.

My new AHRC project is entitled: ‘Diasporic Brokers: Reviving and Translating Kurdish Culture in London’

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