Dr David Bartram

David BartramSenior Lecturer: Department of Sociology

BA (Kenyon), MSc, PhD (Wisconsin)

Room: Attenborough Tower 303
Tel: +44 (0)11-6252-2724 (direct line)
Email: db158@le.ac.uk

My current work investigates the relationship between migration and happiness. In general, "happiness studies" finds that gaining more money generally doesn't make people happier, and so I'm led to wonder whether migration to a wealthier country increases happiness for migrants. I suspect that it makes many of them less happy, that economic migration is often a mistake insofar as people make great sacrifices to gain more income in the misguided belief that they will then be happier.  There are a number of other ways of connecting migration studies to happiness studies, and I'm particularly interested in doing this by coming up with a way to get panel data on migrants before and after migration.

I've also done research on migrant workers in Israel, looking particularly at the formation of government policy.  This work was informed by a comparison with Japan, where I developed a perspective in which what mattered about Japan was how *few* immigrants/migrant workers there are (i.e., Japan as a "negative case" of migration -- more generally, it is important for migration researchers to study countries where there are very few immigrants).

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