Pascal Deogratias Asea

Master of Arts Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University
Bachelor of Science with education from Makerere University

Contact details:
UNHCR Representation in Ethiopia, Sub Office Dollo Ado, Somali Region, Liben Zone

Research Interests:
My main research focus is human migrations with specific focus on return of refugees and Internally Displaced persons. Within the return process, I am specifically interested in reintegration of former refugees and IDPs.

My other research interests include:

  • Conflicts
  • Peace building

The Role of Reintegration of Returnees in Post-conflict Peace Building

Reintegration of returnees is one of the most contentious issues in the world of post-conflict peace building. As a redress process, reintegration seeks to find durable solution to the problem of displacement of civilians. When conflicts settle down, these activities can act as safety valves for peace. How has this been successful in light of relapse into conflicts in Sudan, South Sudan, and Democratic Republic of Congo?

Ideally, the ultimate goal of returnee reintegration is the achievement of sustainable peace. Reintegration influences the key elements of peace building including security, reconciliation and governance and contributes to vital processes of post-war social cohesion at national or sub-national levels. At the community level reintegration is directly linked to both conflict and peace building, in particular through processes of reconciliation and the building of livelihoods needed to sustain economic recovery. Weather this is still the case in the recurring conflicts in middle East and Africa is debatable.

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