Research Projects

  • Leah Bassel is the principal researcher in the project called  'Falling Through the Cracks? NGO Activism and Minority Women in Tough Times', funded by the College of Social Science Research Development Fund of the University of Leicester.

  • The ESRC is funding a seminar series that explores sustainability transitions (projected processes of social change to sustainable patterns of production and consumption) from explicitly social, political and economic perspectives. The seminar series is being coordinated by Gavin Brown (Department of Geography, University of Leicester).

  • Public attitudes towards climate change and the environment in Britain: Ben Clementswas principal investigator on this British Academy funded project which examined public concern and beliefs about climate change and the environment. It provided a detailed survey of attitudes towards green issues under the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government, looking in particular at the effects of party support and ideological beliefs.

  • Simona Guerra has been principal investigator for the UK arm of the project ‘Voting Advice Application for Poles and Lithuanians Living in the UK’ funded by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Justice.  The project aims to be encourage participation of Poles and Lithuanians resident in the UK in local elections by providing them with a web-based tool to compare their opinions with those of politicians.

  • Andrew Johnstone is the main researcher of the project: "Internationalism, Ideology and the debate over US entry into World War II, 1937-41".  This research focuses on organised groups of influential American citizens who argued for restrictions on trade with Japan, greater military support to Britain, and even an American declaration of war long before the Hawaiian attack in the years preceeding the Pearl Harbor Attack.

  • ResponsiveGov is run by Laura Morales and funded by a European Research Council starting grant. The project looks at governments’ responsiveness to citizens’ demands and preferences between elections. The project finances a post-doctoral researcher, Maarja Luhiste, and two PhD students, Luca Bernardiand Daniel Bischof.

  • Ellen Annandale, Carlo Ruzza and staff from the School of Management, University of Leicester are leading the research project: 'New 'Connectivities': Civil Society, the 'Third Sector' and Dilemmas for Socially and Economically Sustainable Healthcare Delivery', funded by the AHRC.

  • Competing on the centre right: an examination of party strategy in Britain, has been conducted by Philip Lynch and Richard Whitaker and funded by the Leverhulme Trust. This project analysed party competition on the centre-right in Britain with a specific focus on relations between the Conservatives and UK Independence Party. 

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