2013 EUDO Dissemination Conference: Elections in Europe in Times of Crisis Call for Papers

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Deadline 1st June

The 2013 EUDO Dissemination Conference will take place at the European University Institute in Florence on 28 and 29 November. The Conference will assess the current world crisis’ impact on the elections of 2013 and 2014. Decisions made at the European level to respond to the crisis are increasingly generating tensions between member states that are differently equipped to face and that have different approaches to the crisis. These tensions have profound implications for EU democracy and governance that are likely to be reflected in electoral dynamics at national and European level. The Conference will offer an opportunity to analyze the results of the national elections that will be held in Europe in 2013 and to provide prospective insights on the 2014 European elections, by focusing on links between actors, strategies, and themes that characterize the elections at both levels.

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