Dr Immo Warntjes

Isidore‘s Easter table and the transmission of the Etymologiae through Ireland

This talk had two principal aims: First, it demonstrated that for any researcher interested in the transmission of Isidore’s Etymologiae, his Easter table (Etym. 6.17) should be considered one of the most indicative passages; this is principally due to the fact that it covers only 95 years, originally AD 532-626, and therefore needed to be updated to the time of the copyist. Second, as a case study Isidore’s Easter tables preserved in Longleat House, Marquess of Bath, NMR 10589; Brussels KBR II 4856; London BL Harley 3017; and now Leiden UB VLF 74 (as the workshop revealed) reveal a line of transmission from Visigothic Spain in the AD 650s through Ireland around AD 700 and north-eastern France in the 8th century to the Loire valley around AD 850.

Dr Immo Warntjes, June 2019
Trinity College Dublin

Isidore’s Easter table in Paris BnF Lat. 5543, fol. 145v

Isidore’s Easter table in Paris BnF Lat. 5543, fol. 145v (source: Gallica)

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