Other relevant projects

Relevant projects at Leicester (and beyond)

The Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain programme arises from our collective experience in many other research projects that have interrogated primary sources which reflect the identities of past human populations in the British Isles, Europe and beyond. We are engaged in a number of relevant research projects investigating related themes:

What's in a name? Applying patrilineal surnames to forensics, population history and genetic epidemiology

Surnames, Genes and the History of Britain

Genetic Survey of Wirral and West Lancashire

Excavating past population structures using surname-based sampling: the genetic legacy of the Vikings in northwest England

Language and genes of the Greater Himalayan region

  • Funder: AHRC/ESF
  • Project lead: Professor M. Jobling
  • website

Identities and Boundaries: Celts and Romans

  • Project lead: Dr Simon James
  • website

Presenting and Representing the Past

Sense of Place in Anglo-Saxon England

  • Funder: AHRC Network
  • Project lead: Dr R Jones
  • website

VIN: Vikings' Identity Network

  • Funder: AHRC Network
  • Collaborators: Universities of Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham
  • Project leads: Professor J Jesch and Dr J Carroll
  • website

Carolingian polyptyques

  • Funder: HEA funded teaching resource
  • Project leads: Dr J Story, Dr J Palmer and N Palmer
  • website

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