Principal Investigator

NameDepartmentE Mail

Professor Joanna Story

School of History

js73 at


Project Manager

NameDepartmentE Mail
Dr Pragya Vohra School of History pv51 at



NameDepartmentE Mail

Professor Steve Brown

School of Management

sb343 at

Dr Jayne Carroll

School of English Studies,

University of Nottingham

jayne.carroll at
Professor Simon James

School of Ancient History and Archaeology

simon.james at

Professor Mark Jobling

Department of Genetics

maj4 at

Dr Richard Jones

Centre for English Local History

School of Historical Studies

rlcj1 at

Dr Philip Shaw

School of English

ps209 at


Research Fellow

NameDepartmentE Mail

Dr Turi King

Department of Genetics

Now Lecturer in Archaeology and Genetics

tek2 at


Research Associates

NameDepartmentE Mail

Dr Morn Capper

School of History.
Now Lecturer in Archaeological Heritage at the University of Chester and Honorary Visiting Fellow in the Leicester Medieval Research Centre.

mc460 at

Dr Martin Findell

School of English.
Now Lecturer in Historical Linguistics at the University of Nottingham

Dr Rita Rasteiro

Department of Genetics

rr147 at
Dr Marc Scully

Department of Sociology.
Now Lecturer in Social Psychology, at  Loughborough University
Dr Pragya Vohra School of History.
Now Honorary Visiting Fellow in the Leicester Medieval Research Centre
pv51 at
Dr Jon Wetton

Department of Genetics

jw418 at


PhD Student

NameDepartmentE Mail

Eleanor Rye

Institute of Name Studies,

University of Nottingham

aexeary at


External PhD Students


Hayley Dunn

School of Archaeology and Ancient History

Department of Genetics

Matt Sears

School of English Local History

Department of Genetics


Honorary Visiting Fellow


External Advisory Board


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