Roots of the British Team

Core team

Professor Mark Jobling

Department of Genetics 0116 252 3427 Staff profile

Mark and his team are interested in human genetic diversity, the molecular mechanisms that give rise to it, and the processes within populations that pattern its distribution. Their focus has been on the paternally-inherited Y chromosome, which provides a relatively simple record of the past. The way that the Y chromosome is inherited is similar to that of a cultural marker, the patrilineal surname, and the similarity permits examination of some aspects of past population structures by sampling using specific regional surnames.

Dr Simon James

School of Ancient History and Archaeology 0116 252 2535 Staff profile

Simon's research interests are centred on the Roman world and societies with which it interacted, and on issues of identity and conflict – especially 'the Celts' ancient and modern, and the nature of 'Romanisation'. Also important is Roman soldierly identity, and its construction through material culture (seen especially in his book on the arms and armour from Dura-Europos, Syria).

Dr Joanna Story

School of Historical Studies 0116 252 2761 Staff profile

Jo's research has focused on the history of Anglo-Saxon England and Francia, and the connections between them in the seventh to ninth centuries. She has a special interest in early manuscripts and in their transmission, and in the interplay between textual and physical evidence in early medieval Europe.

Dr Jayne Carroll

School of English 0116 252 2199 Staff profile

Jayne's research is centred on the literary and linguistic links between Viking Age Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon England, Old English and Old Norse poetry, and on English place-names as linguistic records. A current project focuses on the place-names recorded as sites of mints on Anglo-Saxon coins.

From April 2010, Jayne will be co-director of the Institute for Name Studiesat the University of Nottingham.

Dr Richard Jones

Centre for English Local History, School of Historical Studies 0116 252 2734 Staff profile

Richard's research focuses on the links between people and the land, c. 400 andc. 1500 AD,  and how the landscape was exploited both as an economic resource, and as a medium through which personal and community identities (particularly of the non-elite) were negotiated.

Dr Philip A. Shaw

School of English 0116 252 5363
Staff profile 

Philip has three main strands to his research: Old English language and literature; Pre-Christian religion and conversion in the Germanic-speaking world; Onomastics (the study of names and naming practices).

Dr Turi King

Department of Genetics 0116 252 3377 Staff profile 

Turi is a Wellcome Trust post-doctoral Research Associate whose current research focuses on the connections between patrilineal surnames and genetic inheritance patterns.

PhD student

Ms Hayley Dunn

School of Ancient History and Archaeology / Department of Genetics tel. to follow

Hayley is a new cross-College-funded PhD student (from January 2010).

Extended team

Dr Patricia Balaresque

Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse 0116 252 3377 Staff profile 

Pat is a former UoL post-doctoral Research Associate, now CNRS Researcher, who works on sex-specific processes in human evolutionary history, especially via migration patterns.

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