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Academic Integrity Project
Project leader: Jon Scott
Plagiarism, whilst always a problem, has become more of an issue with students cutting and pasting from web resources, and when students work in groups.  This project addresses this problem from by giving students a clear view of what constitutes plagiarism and by instilling good academic practice and how to avoid it. A key aim is to involve students in developing a culture of academic integrity.
Project leader: Chris Willmott
Bioethics is an important topic but teaching it is often difficult for the non-specialist.  Access to good teaching resources is often the key to successful classes.  Bioethics Bytes is a ‘blog’ type web resource which highlights current issues in bioethics in the media both in short review type articles and also listings of resources in the press, on the web, and on TV.
Bioethics in the UK Curriculum
Project leader: Chris Willmott
This project has created an online gateway to useful resources for teaching about bioethical issues. Specifically it is intended to provide relevant links for teachers tackling the new GCSE, AS and A2 level science courses in England and Wales.
Communicating the Nature of Science in the Classroom
Project leader: Annette Cashmore.
This project involves looking at science provision from primary to secondary and the ways in which concepts are portrayed.
Developing a Global Approach to Practice in Teaching and Learning
Project leaders: Annette Cashmore and Lynnette Matthews (Staff Development)
The aim of this project was to raise awareness of issues relating to internationalisation and to research, develop and pilot an accredited training programme to enable staff in higher education to integrate global perspectives into their work practices.

DNA Structure and Sequencing Tutorial
Project leaders: Cas Kramer and Annette Cashmore.
This project, aimed at second year undergraduates, has two strands: the first uses model building to improve students’ understanding of DNA structure, and the second involves a simulation of the processes used in DNA sequence analysis. Further details of these projects, materials, evaluations etc., can be found on the Virtual Genetics Education Centre.
Feedback in the First Year Programme
Project leader:  Jon Scott.
Feedback is important in allowing students to improve their performance in coursework, particularly in the first year when students can struggle to understand exactly what is expected in assignments.  This project is aimed at investigating types of feedback offered to students, looking at the way in which students use this information and comparing staff and student perceptions of feedback.
GENIE Student Network
Project leader: Annette Cashmore.
Undergraduate and postgraduate students from Biological Sciences and the Medical School have established a GENIE student network in order to become more involved in activities, to contribute to strategic planning through membership of the management group and to promote collaborations with staff.
Molecular Biology - Development of Question Banks for Online Formative Assessment in Molecular Biology
Project leader: Tim Harrison (Biochemistry).
Formative assessment is a valuable tool both for the student and the teacher.  However it is often not used due to the time required to devise suitable questions.  This project is establishing a bank of questions for first years for use on a variety of molecular biology modules to allow on-line self-assessment by students and to provide feedback to staff to identify areas of difficulty which may require more coverage.
Student Retention and Success Project
Project Leaders: Annette Cashmore, Jon Scott, Craig Bartle and  Chris Cane.
An investigation of the importance of 'Belonging' and 'Intimacy' factors in the retention of students – the effective practice that underpins these and how that practice can be replicated.
Student Science Helps Health Scheme
Project leader: Cas Kramer.
This outreach project is aimed specifically at young male pupils in the East Midlands to give them opportunities to examine science career options in the Health sector.

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