Final year project preparation course

Project Leader: Nicola Suter-Giorgini

This project is funded by the GENIE CETL.

The period following the exams at the end of the second year (known as the “hanging weeks”) but before the end of term is currently unused for teaching although it is officially part of the academic year.  A survey asking second and third year students what they do at this time of year revealed that many students are not using this time for academic work.  The same survey also revealed that over half of second and third year students either would have liked or would like more information and guidance with regards preparing for their final year project.  Since time and teaching space is tight at the beginning of the final year, it was decided to develop a course in these “hanging weeks”.  As a consequence, a three day course is currently being designed to prepare end of second year students for their final year project.  This will be an add-on to the final year project module, and all biological sciences students will be required to participate.

The course will be customised to accommodate all types of projects (laboratory, analytical, computer, teaching and field-based) and will involve seminar and practical sessions around writing up a lab or field notebook, a reflective diary or blog depending on project type, along with practise calculations for lab-based students, help with reading primary literature and with thesis structure and time management.  We are also hoping to include a question and answer session with third year students so the current second years can ask about the final year.

Future Work

A pilot will be run in June 2011, with a view to the course becoming a permanent part of the 3rd year project module starting in June 2012.

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