Genetics in the Community

Project leader: Cas Kramer

This two year GENIE project aimed to raise awareness of genetics within the local community through innovative approaches, such as developing audio-visual materials, recruiting community champions and attending community events.

GENIE works closely with the Department of Clinical Genetics at the Leicester Royal Infirmary to develop strategies to improve access to the service.

GENIE launches a new DVD

As part of the 'Genetics in the Community' project, GENIE has developed a DVD called ' Genetics in Everyday Life'. The DVD is a basic introduction into the world of genetics and covers:

  • Genetic concepts
  • Inheritance patterns
  • Genetic conditions
  • How genetics is relevant in everyday life
  • Clinical Genetic Services

The 'Genetics in Everyday Life' DVD is available online and in hard copy. If you would like further information or would like a copy of this DVD, please contact the GENIE team



We are looking for ‘active’ members or leaders of Leicestershire’s community who would like to work with us on this exciting project. The ideal candidate should have experience of working in the voluntary sector, in particularly with community groups and organisations. They must possess excellent communication skills, be able to speak good English and/or at least one language that is widely spoken in Leicestershire (i.e. Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kurdish, Punjab, Swahili or Urdu).

Some of the community champion's responsibilities include: arranging suitable groups for GENIE to talk to about genetics, advising GENIE on the best strategies to take when approaching certain communities or giving talks to small community groups about basic genetics. They will not need an in-depth understanding of genetics as training will be given, though having basic biological knowledge would be beneficial.

This post will be on a consultancy basis and GENIE is flexible in terms of how many hours each community champion would like to contribute towards this project (maximum 40 hours per year). The salary will be dependent on relevant experience (£6 to 10 per hour). Find out more about our existing Community Champions here.

Attending community events

If you are holding an event in your community and would like us attend with an information stall about genetics, please feel free to contact Dr Cas Kramer

Organising community events

GENIE is working closely with various organisations. Some of the events that we have been involved in so far include:

On the 11th of September 2008, GENIE held a community based workshop for the advocacy, health and voluntary sector covering issues like basic genetic concepts and services available in Leicester.

As part of the BA (British Association for the Advancement of Science) 2008 programme - Gentle Science for Muslim Women. GENIE held a free interactive workshop on ‘Genetics in everyday life’ at Sharma Women's Centre.
An interactive fun hands on workshop was held at the University of Leicester on the 10th of February 2009. Members of the public discovered how to extract DNA from a banana, learned about food labelling and much more.

Health Professionals events

We are planning our first health professional’s social/taster event for GPs later this year. This will be an opportunity for GPs and practice managers to learn more about genetics and genetic related services through interactive activities and informal talks and an opportunity to talk to senior members of the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester and genetic specialists from the NHS.

The programme will include the following:

Introduction to GENIE

Overview of the Department of Clinical Genetics based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary

Advice on cancer genetic guidelines

An opportunity to hear about our ongoing outreach activities/ projects  e.g. HERO

First hand experience of our outreach activities

If you are interested in attending this event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Public Awareness workshops

GENIE held a series of free interactive public awareness workshops throughout Spring 2009. The workshops provided participants with an opportunity to find out about genetics, common genetic conditions and services that are available in Leicestershire.

We also provided workshops to explore the links between genetics and health which were held in community organisations throughout Leicester.

For more information about any aspects of this GENIE project please contact Dr Cas Kramer.


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