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One of GENIE's key aims is to raise awareness of genetics and genetic conditions. Through resources developed for the Virtual Genetics Education Centre (a growing, and evolving collection of evaluated educational resources) and its research and outreach activities, GENIE aims to raise awareness of genetics, genetic conditions and how genetics relates to everyday life. This section of the website is being developed in dialogue with a number of partner institutions and will contain educational resources on the ethical, social and legal implications of developments in genetics for students, teachers, health professionals and the general public. Some of these topics are already covered in Genetics in the News.

It will also include the outcomes of GENIE's Genetics in the Community project.

To view the current list of resources available for these subjects, simply click on the resources button above. We also actively encourage you to help us to develop the site by suggesting, or submitting, suitable additional resources.

Genetics in Everyday Life

GENIE has made a short video which forms a basic introduction to genetics, which is called "Genetics in Everyday Life".


Have you ever wondered why you look like your parents and what chromosomes are? Using animated sequences, this video will help you to answer some of those questions. It is split into 8 short parts, which can be viewed individually.



Genetics, Science and Society

In the autumn, GENIE will host an event which will explore faith and the issues raised by modern genetics. The first workshop in this series was highly successful and to book a place, and for further information, please contact

To listen to a Radio Leicester interview with GENIE staff at the first event which took place on Jan 24th 2010, please click the headphones below.




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