Session 2: Research Projects and Regional Users in THE ISSUE Consortium Partnership (Molise Region, Italy)

The Molise Region has developed an international reputation in the information systems sector and the space sector. The region has been involved in the Consortium 'GEOSATMolise', a majority public capital organisation, comprising the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Molise Region, Molise University and Telespazio company (selected private partner after a special public announcement of the Molise Region - August 2008).

The purpose of the Consortium is to create a centre of excellence for the development of geospatial services. It also supports the production of advanced technologies in the field of satellite and airborne remote sensing, with the aim of creating a high-tech innovative complex of infrastructures and services in Molise for land management, environmental and emergency management.

The Molise cluster includes Svilippo Italia Molise, the University of Molise and e-GEOS. Svilippo Italia Molise is the regional development agency of Molise Region specializing in services supporting territorial and transport development, the creation and consolidation of business and technical assistance to public administration which includes the management of EU, national and regional funds. The University of Molise has particular areas of expertise in research related to geomatics applied to human environment interactions. e-GEOS is a leading international player in geospatial business offering a complete range of products and services in Earth Observation and in geo-spatial applications.

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