Future Directions

Ian Drummond

The Needs of Regional Transport Plans

Ian Drummond is leading Leicestershire County Council’s development and delivery of transport strategy in response to the challenges of growth, environmental pressures and the need to sustain the economy. He has extensive experience working in both Local and Central Government and for the Audit Commission. For the Department for Transport, Ian worked on road safety policy, roads policy and the restructuring of the railways.  Most recently, he led on developing a practical approach to road pricing. For the Audit Commission, Ian was the transport expert in developing the Best Value inspection methodology. He has given presentations nationally and internationally on road safety policy, best value and road pricing.

Dr Eric Goodyer

Future Opportunities for Collaboration, Funding and Partnerships

See full biography in Session Two.

Dr Neil Ridley

UK Perspective on Transport and Intelligent Mobility

Dr Neil Ridley took up the role of Director of the Transport Knowledge Transfer Network in January 2011. In this role he has been drawing together the surface transport modes of road, rail and marine to work on areas of common interest and to accelerate innovation by connecting market challenges with technology solutions.

This KTN is one of 15 networks sponsored by the Technology Strategy Board. The KTNs are also the voice to government and work with the Technology Strategy Board to suggest and promote funding opportunities for collaborative research and development Prior to taking up his current role he was a Director Ove Arup & Partners He led a team of over 50 staff in global automotive design and engineering, providing professional services based around operation excellence and technology incorporation.

Professor Alan Wells


See full biography in Session One.

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