Policy Context

An overriding principle of the EU is the promotion of free movement of goods, services, people and capital. Traffic congestion is a global urban problem with far reaching impacts on economic sustainability, mobility, citizens’ heath and the environment.

European policy directives demand carbon emission reduction and a modal change in attitudes towards the use of public transport.  Improvements to air quality follow from reduced traffic congestion through reduced air pollution and less adverse impacts on citizens’ health.

Within this framework, THE ISSUE consortium will create and implement a Joint Action Plan in research areas related to:

  • Transport impacts on urban mobility
  • Transport greening
  • Intermodal regional transport
  • Safety and security of citizens

The overarching aims of THE ISSUE are to achieve more efficient use of existing transport infrastructures and to promote innovation in the utilisation of transport infrastructures.

Economic Objectives

Full details of all EOs.

  1. Utilise Intelligent Traffic Management to boost the competitiveness of transport-related economies at urban, regional and local levels
  2. Identify market opportunities for mature RTD applications and develop action plans for commercial implementation
  3. Deliver innovative solutions to traffic management operations
  4. Deliver innovative solutions to reduce traffic emissions and improve air quality locally

Scientific/Technological Objectives

Full details of all STOs.

  1. Coordinate RTD actions between regions
  2. Identify the development path for widespread uptake of Intelligent Traffic Management
  3. Achieve modal shift towards public transport to reduce urban congestion and shorten journey times
  4. Study of applications of road charging in other European urban traffic systems
  5. Transfer Computer Intelligence technology to operational users
  6. Provide regional planners with comprehensive databases of transport infrastructures to support their regional strategic planning
  7. Introduce active air pollution monitoring and mitigation into regional transport and environmental strategies

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