Press releases and media coverage for the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh project, and for Evelyn Waugh himself.

'Bright Young Thing. Evelyn Waugh: The EarlyYears', Paula Byrne, TLS, 24 and 31 August, 2018, 3-4. (PDF download)

The Bright Young Things: behind the party mask, Milena Borden, British Library, 4 July 2016

The truth about 'Shevelyn': how Evelyn Waugh's disastrous marriage shaped his fiction, Philip Eade, Daily Telegraph, 3 July 2016

Evelyn Waugh revisited for 50th anniversary, Felicitas Casillo, Buenos Aires Herald, 11 June 2016

'Bloody Fool': Evelyn Waugh's life as a 1920s Oxford aesthete, Barbara Cooke, The Conversation, 7 April 2016

Helen Maslin's top 10 literary castles and country houses, The Guardian, 27 August 2015

Happy 70th Birthday Brideshead Revisited, The Telegraph, 4 June 2015

All the Years Ahead: On Committing Literary Suicide, Features A Little Learning. The Millions, 8 May 2015

Top writers to speak at major Evelyn Waugh convention at University of Leicester, Leicester Mercury, 23 April 2015

The Top 10 Books About Style, Features Brideshead Revisited. The Guardian, 9 April 2015

Books About Los Angeles: Readers' Picks, Features The Loved One. The Guardian, 23 March 2015

Burnt to the ground, the Addis Ababa hotel where Evelyn Waugh (and Scoop's William Boot) stayed, The Independent, 12 January 2015

In Memoriam: John Howard Wilson, 1961-2014 , University of Leicester, December 2014

‘One of the largest ever’ complete works to shed new light on life and times of author Evelyn Waugh, University of Leicester, 11 November 2014

The 100 best novels: No 60 – Scoop by Evelyn Waugh (1938), Robert McCrum for The Observer, 9 November 2014

Glorious Debo: Evelyn Waugh's adoration of the last Mitford sister, Barbara Cooke, The Conversation, 25 September 2014

Waugh's views on Spain

Letter by Nicholas Rankin, published in the Times Literary Supplement, 11 July 2014. The letter quotes Waugh's pro-Franco and anti-Ethopian comments. Our Essays, Articles and Reviews editor Don Gallagher has submitted this response:

Sir, – May I belatedly, from 12, 000 miles away, point out that selective quotation is a miserable trick (July 11)? Waugh did say: ‘If I were a Spaniard I should be fighting for General Franco.’ But he went on: ‘As an Englishman I am not in the predicament of choosing between two evils.’ And context shapes meaning. Waugh did write – ‘goodness the Ethiopians are lousy and I hope the organmen gas them to buggery’, which in isolation reads as sadly tasteless and regrettable. But the letter to Diana Cooper in which it occurs (September 1935) is written in a style of remote fantasy, for amusement, and in no way expresses opinion. Read the end of the same letter where Waugh fantasticates the scandal of Count Vinci, Signor Falconi, and the British Minister’s daughter beyond recognition and you will see that Waugh’s black humour spared no one.

New Evelyn Waugh website will let public contribute to Complete Works project, Arts and Humanities Research Council, 16 June 2014

Evelyn Waugh researchers launch website hub for Complete Works project, University of Leicester, 13 June 2014

Acclaimed writers to speak at Leicester for Evelyn Waugh conference, University of Leicester, 15 April 2014

English Doctoral Studentship (AHRC funded) - The Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh, University of Oxford, February 2014

Leicester book lovers asked to join major literary project, University of Leicester, 6 January 2014

Flagship Digital Humanities project collates the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh, University of Leicester, 23 July 2013

Lost Evelyn Waugh letters reveal thwarted love for 'bright young thing', The Observer, 21 July 2013

University launches Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh project, University of Leicester, 5 July 2013

Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh project to launch at the University of Leicester, University of Leicester, 5 July 2013

When the going got tough, The Spectator, 16 July 2011

Up from the street, Irvine Welsh discusses Evelyn Waugh as a source of inspiration. The Guardian, 14 March 2009

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