Read abstracts for papers to be presented at Evelyn Waugh and His Circle: Reading and Editing the Complete Works. 24-26 April 2015, College Court, University of Leicester.

Abstracts by Panel

Textual Editing

Editing Vile Bodies: Biography, Typists, and Textual Criticism.
Martin Stannard, University of Leicester

Guy’s Deleted Nippers: War Trilogy Variant Endings Persist and Proliferate.
Jeff Manley, Evelyn Waugh Society

Cruttwell Profiled: Monster, Man, and Enigma.
Donat Gallagher, James Cook University

Focus on Digital Humanities

Evelyn Waugh in the Oxford English Dictionary.
Antony F. P. Vickery, Evelyn Waugh Society

Between a Rock and a Soft Place.
Duncan McLaren, Freelance Writer

Aspects of Waugh

A very funny penguin: Waugh and the Paperback.
Naomi Milthorpe, University of Tasmania.

A Soldier's Life in and out of Waugh's fiction.
Nigel Wood, Loughborough University

A Tourist in Africa and Waugh as Writer-for-Hire.
Patrick Query, United States Military Academy

Uncertain Times

‘So much for infidelity': Evelyn Waugh, AP Herbert and Hotel Bill Divorce.
Joanna Bratten, Harrow School

Chucking in Waugh.
Beci Dobbin, University College London

'The frontier has never been demarcated': Unmarked Borders in A Handful of Dust.
Henry Woudhuysen, University of Oxford

Cultural Influence

‘The most daemonic of the masters’: Dickens and Waugh.
John Bowen, University of York

Decadence Revisited: Evelyn Waugh and the Afterlife of the 1890s. 
Alex Murray, Queen's University Belfast

Waugh and Film: Adaptation

A presentation on the correspondence between Evelyn Waugh and Luis Bunuel, screen writer for The Loved One.
Richard Oram, Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin

‘The (tasteful) pleasures of money on the screen':The Critical Reception of Evelyn Waugh on Screen.
Mark Fryers, University of East Anglia

‘Basil Seal Rides Again': A Proposed Film Adaptation of Basil Seal.
Yuexi Liu, Durham University

(Post)colonial Values: Waugh Abroad

Maturity and Paternity: A Psychoanalytical and Postcolonial Study of Evelyn Waugh.
Yoshiharu Usui, Seikei University

'Vagabond-language scrawled on gate-posts': Constructions of Home in Evelyn Waugh’s Travelogues.
Annabel Williams, University of Oxford

Evelyn Waugh and British right-wing attitudes to the Italo-Abyssinian War (1935-36).
Roger Irwin, University of Oxford

The Image of the Thirties

Darling Dandies.
Rebecca Moore, University of Leicester

‘Litera Scripta Manet': Film and Novelists of the Thirties.
Robert Murray Davis, University of Oklahoma

Grace and Guilt

Evelyn Waugh and the Pursuit of Permanence.
Mandy Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong

‘Merely Hints and Symbols'?: Kierkegaard and the Progressive Oracles of Brideshead Revisited.
Marcel DeCoste, University of Regina

Going to the Devil: Evelyn Waugh, Kingsley Amis, and the Self-Implicating Decline Narrative.
Michael Shallcross, Durham University

Transitional and Later Fiction

Rum, History, and the Epic: The Sword of Honour.
Andrew Moran, University of Dallas

Displacement and Exile in Evelyn Waugh’s Later Fiction.
Carlos Villar Flor, University of La Rioja

Return to the Lush Place: Waugh’s Happy Retreat in Scoop.
Kazuhiko Saigusa, Yamagata University

Works of Faith

Evelyn Waugh and the Second World War: Foreign Affairs, Religion and Nation.
Milena Borden, The British Library

Evelyn Waugh’s Editing of Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain, 1948-9.
Mary Frances Coady, Freelance Writer


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