Objectives and impact


In order to address estate renewal evidence needs and contribute to wider understandings of social change and displacement associated with gentrification, the project has the following research objectives:

  1. Conceptually clarify, quantitatively measure and map the extent, location, and kinds of neighbourhood-level social change and displacement associated with estate renewal and more general gentrification in London.
  2. Generate a historical inventory of all council estate renewal proposals, plans and final outcomes, to assess their aggregate impact on housing stocks and the availability of social housing in Greater London.
  3. Assess the impacts of estate renewal programmes on pre-existing council estate residents, the communities across the South East (and beyond) to which they are being displaced, and the new 'mixed' communities emerging as a result of estate renewal projects.

Planned Impact

This project will provide vital evidence about the scale of the displacements being caused by new, ongoing programmes of urban renewal on London's council estates and the wide-ranging impacts--on residents, on source communities, and on the places to which those displaced by redevelopment have been decanted. As detailed in our Pathways to impact plan, research is designed to make a tangible impact on 3 major groups of beneficiaries that we will engage with in different ways:

  1. Residents of council estates facing urban renewal programmes will be supported with an advice handbook and other support to help them organise to ensure that future estate regeneration schemes are conducted in ways that benefit, rather than displace, existing residents. Engagement work here will be facilitated through our close collaboration with project partners from the London Tenants Federation and Just Space, while the involvement of Platform 7 in an 'art-intervention' will help engage communities beyond London indirectly impacted by displacement from estate renewal.
  2. Developers/Registered Social Landlords involved in estate regeneration will receive a systematic assessment of the impacts of London's estate renewal schemes. This will enable future redevelopments to be planned so as to mitigate displacement and other negative impacts, both on estate residents and their communities in London and on the recipient communities to which estate residents have often been displaced.
  3. Local, national, and international policymakers will be helped to shape future policy agendas on estate renewal and urban regeneration through a series of planned policy engagement activities and briefings, conducted in collaboration with the GLA.


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