Estate Renewal

Estate Renewal

On this website you can view findings and material associated with an ESRC funded research project Gentrification, Displacement, and the Impacts of Council Estate Renewal in C21st London. This three year project runs from 1 February 2017 to 30 November 2019.

Aims of the project

The aim of the research is to establish the extent and impacts of the planned redevelopment of council estates in London, focusing on the experiences of displaced residents to understand how relocation affects them and the places they relocate to.


In order to address estate renewal evidence needs and contribute to wider understandings of social change and displacement associated with gentrification, the project has the following research objectives:

  1. Conceptually clarify, quantitatively measure and map the extent, location, and kinds of neighbourhood-level social change and displacement associated with estate renewal and more general gentrification in London.
  2. Generate a historical inventory of all council estate renewal proposals, plans and final outcomes, to assess their aggregate impact on housing stocks and the availability of social housing in Greater London.
  3. Assess the impacts of estate renewal programmes on pre-existing council estate residents, the communities across the South East (and beyond) to which they are being displaced, and the new 'mixed' communities emerging as a result of estate renewal projects.

Who's involved?

Research team

  • Dr Stefano de Sabbata (University of Leicester) - Co-Investigator


Facilitating the research

Facilitating public engagement


Advisory panel

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Please direct initial enquiries to: Sue Easton (Researcher)

Project partners

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