Digitizing Reproduction: new technologies, intersectionality and the politics of inclusion

We are a team of academics from midwifery, media and communication, sociology, science and technology studies, history, and computer-supported collaborative work from four universities: University of Leicester, University of Brighton, De Montfort University and King’s College London.

We are interested in the use of digital platforms for reproductive health. By 'digital’ we mean the internet, mobile programmes (apps and text messaging), social media, and remote monitoring devices. We are interested in what (if anything) is ‘new’ and ‘distinct’ about digital health practices and what impact they are already having or could have in terms of outcomes (at user and health services level).

SHI Foundation.JPGSHI Grant development award

To support our development work, we have been awarded a Sociology of Health and Illness (SHI) Foundation Grant Development award. This award provides ‘pump-priming’ funds to support groups to work together to develop a research grant application for a major national or international funding body. 

Stakeholder engagement

Through a series of workshops and stakeholder engagement we are developing research questions and shaping priorities for a grant application on digitising reproduction. We are also using our network to provide a platform for continued collaboration, beyond the lifetime of the SHI award.

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For enquiries about the Digitizing Reproduction project, please contact:

Nicola Mackintosh



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