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NameDepartmentResearch Interests

Dr Amy Jane Barnes

School of Museum Studies (Honorary Visiting Fellow)

Museums, heritage and Asian Art, with a particular focus on post-1949 art from China and its representation/interpretation in British museums.
Huw Barton School of Archaeology and Ancient History My research interests are in understanding the prehistory of China, particularly of the development of early agriculture in southern sub-tropical China. I work with partners at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research in Beijing. Currently I have funding from the British Academy, International Partnership and Mobility Scheme, for a three-year programme of work (2015-2018) in Guandong and Yunnan Province investigating early agriculture and ethnobotany in Xishuangbanna.
James Booth Geography I am sponsored by the HEA, undertaking a studentship in the Department of Geography which concerns ‘Internationalisation of British Higher Education and Social Media; Academic Identities, Transnational Socialisation and Engaged Pedagogic Practice.’
Dr Anna Claydon Media and Communication I specialise in British cultural studies, particularly film, film and music and disability studies. Current work focuses on music analysis in film series (such as the Bond song) and the representation of disability in British TV, radio and film. However, part of my interest in British film is influenced my concepts of multiculturalism an I have published on British-South Asian films (2003, 2008, 2009, 2012).
Professor Rob Hillman Chemistry

Broadly within the field of interfacial science. Background is in electrochemistry - the science of controlling, driving and monitoring chemical processes at surfaces using electricity. Over the last decade, research has focused on the chemical modification of electrodes using polymers, metals, oxides and coordination compounds of relevance to energy storage/conversion, surface protection, sensing for environmental and other purposes and electronic/optical devices. This work requires detailed characterization of the resulting surfaces and materials using electrical, optical, acoustic, spectroscopic, X-ray and neutron-based techniques. More recently, application of these materials and techniques has been directed to applications in forensic science, notably the visualization of latent fingerprints on metallic objects associated with violent crime (knives, bullet casings) and volume crime (metal theft).

Mark Hsiao Law My research interests are broadly defined within banking and finance law. My research on Chinese law is specifically focused on securitisation and OTC derivatives’ regulation. I am particularly interested in the legal transplant of English Trust into Chinese Law as a means for mortgage securitisation. I have published a book and a few articles concerning the development of OTC derivatives and securitisation in China.
Mengjie Jiang

The Institute of Learning Innovation

PhD student. Research interests are the use of participatory technologies for educational purpose and digital literacy. The PhD research study is focusing on digital literacy and its development among Chinese overseas postgraduate students.
Bingyin Lei Education PhD student. Quantitative and qualitative research methods in educational studies. Specific areas of interest include cultural education, traumatic stress, crisis and disaster management in educational institutions.
Lin Li Management PhD student. accountancy, particularly in environmental accounting, to discovering institutional problems in current Chinese environmental accounting practices.Broadly interested in normative approaches in accounting studies.
LIN Zao School of Museum Studies

My areas of interest include Aesthetics,  Aesthetic Education, Art and the Public, Cultural Studies. As a Chinese scholar specializing in studies of Art and Public Space, my Ph.D. dissertation, The Art Museum as A Cultural Image (2007), is the first Ph.D. dissertation of art museum studies in China.  I am particularly interested in the intergrowth and synergism of art and public space in the cultural context of globalization.

Dr Toby Lincoln Centre for Urban History, School of History I study modern Chinese urban history. Concentrating on the twentieth century, I am particularly concerned with urban morphology, the changing rural-urban relationship and daily life in different environments. Additionally, I work on the relationship between war and the city, the importance of social networks in Chinese history and how ideas about cities have and are being disseminated across East Asia. I am Co-PI together with Xu Tao from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences on the the British Academy funded International Partnership and Mobility Scheme. The project is entitled 'The Habitable City: Chinese urban history in a Global Context.' and runs until 2015.
Professor Ruth Luthi-Carter Cell Physiology and Pharmacology Identifying new facets of neuronal function and neurodegeneration. Using system-based approaches which make use of genome-wide analysis techniques to monitor molecular changes in the brain in a comprehensive, unbiased and highly quantitative manner. This approach is employed to establish a more complete picture of how brain diseases unfold as well as to formulate novel hypotheses about how neurons die or can be rescued from neurotoxic conditions.
Dr Janet Marstine School of Museum Studies I am broadly interested in developing a museum ethics relevant to Mainland China and Hong Kong. I am particularly focused on the challenges and opportunities of contemporary art to the development of museum ethics in Mainland. China and Hong Kong. Currently I am researching how Guangdong and Hong Kong artists and museum/gallery practitioners negotiate censorship and self-censorship.
Victoria McGowan Psychology Research focuses upon the movements of the eyes during reading, and how these can inform our understanding of the cognitive processes that underlie reading.  Most of our understanding of reading is based upon studies of English or other European languages, and I am interested in how reading may differ in other languages, such as Chinese.
Jonna Nyman Politics and International Relations My primary research interests are in security studies and international relations, with a focus on energy security in the United States and China. I'm also interested in 'security' in China more broadly and have spent time as a visiting researcher at Renmin University.
Professor Paul O'Brien Physics and Astronomy The astrophysics of extreme objects in the universe. Involved in various space missions involving China. Two in particular are: (1) the "SVOM" mission - a collaboration between France and China -  Part of the team providing the X-ray telescope due for launch, probably in 2018/19; (2) the "Einstein Probe"  - under "advanced study" for possible launch in 2020. Collaborates with Chinese scientists at institutes both in China and in other countries.

Professor Julian Osborne

Physics and Astronomy

High-energy transient astrophysics. Leicester is involved in three projects in development as part of China's active space science development programme: SVOM, a Chinese-French spacecraft due for launch in 2020, the Einstein Probe which has just started an advanced study phase, and XTP which is already in its advanced study phase. We expect to provide flight hardware for at least some of these missions, and to have a full scientific role in all of them.

Dr Kevin Paterson










Research uses measures of eye movements to reveal the cognitive processes that underlie our ability to read in different languages.  On-going collaboration with researchers within the Academy of Psychology and Behaviour at Tianjin Normal University, where this approach is being used to investigate reading in Chinese.

Dr Giovanna Puppin Media and Communication My expertise and research focus on advertising in China (public service and commercial), more specifically on the role of advertising in the country, and on issues related to the construction of identity and politics of representation. I am also interested in Chinese brands and their "going-out" process: I theorize them as ideological products and tools of soft power, resulting from the country’s emergence on the global scene and the shift from "Made in China" to "Created in China”. Beyond my roles of Lecturer and Programme Director of the MA Media and Advertising at the University of Leicester, I am a Research Fellow at the Advertising College of the Communication University of China (Beijing), an Associate Fellow on "Religion & Media in East Asia" (Centre for the Study of Religion and Culture in Asia, University of Groningen), and a Teaching Fellow in the Master in Global Management for China (GMC), Ca' Foscari University (Venice). I am interested in developing further collaborative research, especially on topics linked to Chinese promotional and media culture.
Dr Paul Rudman Institute of Learning Innovation Research interests primarily in the application of new and emerging technologies to teaching and learning, with particular expertise in Virtual Worlds. The UK has a mature education sector, often without major impetus to innovate, while rapidly maturing counties such as China may find great benefit in the best new technologies. I am looking to explore synergies between what our department may offer and educational establishments exploring new technologies.
Dr Jennifer Smith Maguire Management Research focuses on the intertwined construction of markets, value and taste, and the role of cultural intermediaries in those processes. Empirically, it is  largely focused on the super-premium wine market, and that research has recently expanded to examine the emergence of a fine wine market and fine wine consumption practices in China, through collaborations with Professor Dunfu Zhang (Department of Sociology, Shanghai University) and Dr Ming Lim (School of Management). Interested in developing further collaborative research on the construction of consumption fields and tastes in contemporary China.
Dr Giuseppe A. Veltri Media and Communication The social and psychological aspects of communication, social representations and social influences processes. I am also interested in public understanding of science and risk perception related to scientific and technological issues. Chinese projects: 1) I am currently working with Prof Shaojing Sun from Fudan University and Dr Li Zhang from University of East Anglia (UEA) on the public understanding of climate change in China and in particular on the psychological distance of climate change and global warming and how this affects risk perception and intention to act. We have carried out a survey and collected media data. At this stage we are analysing data and drafting scientific articles. A public event to present most of the results will be in Shanghai the 28th of November 2013. 2) Together with Prof Shaojing Sun (Fudan), we are at the early stages of developing a software tool to perform text mining on texts in Mandarin for academic research but also commercial applications.
Dr Bo Wang Mathematics Research is mainly focused on statistical methodology and applications, particularly on nonparametric and semiparametric methods for longitudinal and functional data.
Ken Wang Media and Communication PhD student. Research topic is “how do Chinese cities policymakers balance the commercial and cultural objectives in promoting the development of cultural industries?” Specifically, this topic concentrates on the broadcasting sector under the cultural industries, and will adopt policy discourse analysis and interviews to analyze how policy makers in different typical cities balance the commercial profit and the cultural value of media products.
Professor Mark Williams Geology Evolution of the biosphere; exceptionally preserved fossil biotas; climate-evolution interactions. I am guest Professor at the University of Yunnan, and collaborate with Chinese Academician Professor Hou Xianguang on aspects of the exceptionally preserved Cambrian Chengjiang fossil biota.
Dr Horace Yeung Law My research interests lie in Chinese company, commercial and financial laws. I recently published a book with Dr Flora Huang (Law, Leicester) entitled 'Chinese Companies and the Hong Kong Stock Market' (Routledge). I am currently working on a project, gratefully funded by the Sino-British Fellowship Trust, exploring the association between law and development in the context of China.
Yupei Zhao Media and Communication Research student representative. Political communication; (new) media power and society; Chinese media and journalism; journalism and new media (e.g. citizen journalism).

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