The 'China Dream'

What is the 'China Dream'?

The 'China Dream': Passions, Policies and Power

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China’s cultural, political and civil landscape is continuing to change profoundly, in line with her extraordinary economic progress. Currently, the Chinese leadership seeks to satisfy the Chinese people’s desire for an increasingly higher standard of living, world-class education, health, food and water security, clean living environments, as well as global cultural influence in the arts, media, fashion, entertainment, technological innovation, research and development.

In every one of these areas (and more), the 'China Dream' looks set to capture the world’s attention anew in the next two to three decades. The 'China Dream' – a policy statement first used by President Xi Jinping in November 2012 to denote "the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" - has been dissected extensively by the world’s media and China watchers but the vision remains elusive and oblique. What does it mean? What does it comprise? How will it be realised? What are the emotional, political, sociological, legal, cultural, ideological, technological and ethical dimensions of the China Dream?

Against this backdrop, we are delighted to announce the first international conference in the UK to examine the 'China Dream'. Hosted and organized by the University of Leicester’s China Studies Research Alliance (ChiSRA), the conference represents a unique opportunity to bring several key dimensions of the China Dream phenomenon together in provocative and exciting ways.

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