Venue - University of Cumbria, Carlisle

*Please note that payment MUST be made by September 1st to secure your place*

UK Students

There is no registration fee for UK students if they submit a talk title as CCP4 generously covers the cost. However, after registration it is important to inform the organisers if a student cannot attend. This is important in order for their place to be reallocated and/or to allow the cost of their attendance to be reclaimed from the venue. Failure to do this could result in a non-attendance fee. Please note - all students should aim to submit a talk title for the meeting.

UK Academics

The subsided cost for academics and post-docs is £160. Hopefully this generous subsidy will warm your heart and make you want to submit a talk title for the meeting. Please make sure payment is made by August 15 or a place at the conference cannot be guaranteed.

Overseas participants

We are often approached by people from various countries who have an interest in this meeting and we are delighted to welcome them. Unfortunately we are not able to offer any subsidies to people from outside of the UK. If this applies to you and you still wish to attend the meeting please contact a conference organiser for prices.


The conference fee for exhibitors is £300 for one person and an exhibition stand (including lunch). We can also include accommodation onsite for a total of £450 (includes all meals). For additional participants from the same company we charge £100 for registration (including lunch, tea, coffee), or full accommodation for £250 (includes all meals).

We will add your company's logo to our programme and web-site and use it for the screen presentation background for the meeting. If you wish to present a talk, please state this on the registration form and we will try our best to make this possible, but we can't promise. All exhibitors must write "EXHIBIT" in the 'Enter title of talk' section of the registration form.


Payment can only be made by credit/debit card.


Please contact Arnaud Basle, if you have any problems.

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