Principal Investigator: Professor Sir Nilesh Samani
Study Start: June 2013

Nurse and questionnaireGRAPHIC (Genetic Regulation of Arterial Pressure In humans in the Community) was a large community-based study involving over 2000 participants, which investigated the heritability and genetic determinants of blood pressure in the general population. The study is recognised world-wide for its contribution to the field and its findings have been published in over 20 scientific papers.

The study provided a snapshot of people’s blood pressure at a single point in time. It is known that blood pressure changes with age, but to different extents in different people. The degree of change in blood pressure is thought to result from an interaction of genes and life-style factors. Understanding the contribution of both factors would be extremely valuable in identifying the best ways of preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases.

The purpose of GRAPHIC 2 is to re-evaluate participants, some 8-10 years after their original participation in the GRAPHIC study in order to identify genetic and environmental determinants of age-related changes in blood pressure and how these might interact with lifestyle and other factors in increasing risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

This knowledge will help provide a foundation for improved understanding of cardiovascular diseases, which in turn will help towards better methods of prevention and treatment.

Professor Samani explaining GRAPHIC

Please click on the image above to hear more about the study from Professor Samani, BRU Director and PI of the study.

For more details about the GRAPHIC 2 study please contact Lorraine Shipley (Clinical Nurse Manager).

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