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The Leicester Cardiovascular Bioresource (LCB) provides state-of-the-art research infrastructure for researchers working within the LCBRU. Support can take a number of forms, but can be broadly split into equipment, staffing and links to related facilities. At the most basic level, we provide researchers with access to cutting-edge research facilities including automation hardware such as the Brooks SmaRTStore automated -20 oC freezer, liquid handling systems from CyBio and automated sample processing using Qiagen systems. These facilities enable high throughput, high quality and highly reproducible sample preparation.  In addition, we also offer access to monitored -80 oC freezers and vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage.

The LCB employs two scientific officers and a biobank technician - providing core technical and scientific support to research coming through the Unit. This involves sample processing and management, or using our close ties to the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, can include many advanced molecular or cellular biology techniques.



researcher_LCBThe LCBRU's biobank is hosted by the LCB and our team process, store and manage all samples collected through clinical trials run within the Unit. By linking with research projects such as BRICCS, we are able to provide highly annotated samples to researchers. All projects conducted within the Unit are reviewed by the LCBRU Scientific Review Committee before any samples are released to researchers.

The LCB is a member of the NIHR BioResource, a national initiative to establish cohorts of patients and healthy volunteers who have agreed be recalled into experimental medicine studies in local clinical research facilities. Through this programme we are able to match researchers to suitable volunteers based on their phenotype or genotype.

For more information about our work, including details on making an application to the LCB, please contact Dr Gavin Whyman (Leicester BioResource Manager) on bioresource@le.ac.uk.

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