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Public and patient engagement (PPE) is critical to the success of our research. We seek people to join the PPE Committee to represent the public and interests of those with the conditions that we study.  In supporting the research at the local hospital, you will get to learn about the work we conduct at the LCBRU.

It is possible to assist us in a number of ways:

  • by joining our applicant research panel to review projects applying for support, helping to steer the research at LCBRU
  • your consultation will facilitate our projects getting through ethics committees
  • your opinions will help us to estimate recruitment numbers for our trials
  • your feedback will indicate whether a new treatment will be positively received by patients
  • you will be able to assist in patient recruitment to trials
  • checking that our questionnaires are easy to read

Patient and Public Engagement Committee Testimonials


My input can include passing on personal experience and applying lateral - or sometimes "off the wall" - thinking.

Roy found out about the PPE Committee through his membership of the Patient Advisor Group at the UHL Trust.  He has had an interest in all forms of research - particularly cardiac research and its effect on patients.  Roy attends regular monthly meetings, which invovle listening to research presentations and providing a lay person's perspective. His involvement in the PPE Committee has given him an added insight into cardiac function and the research taking place at the LCBRU to improve the outlook for cardiac patients.

Without individuals willing to become
involved directly or indirectly in research many of us would not be here today. Ongoing medical research meant that I was successfully operated on last August for a juxtarenal AAA using a new procedure.


David was approached by the LCBRU manager to participate on the PPE Committee.  As a previous cardiac patient who had experienced excellent patient-centred care, David wanted to give something back to the research community. Involvement in the PPE Commmitee gives David a sense of being involved in ground breaking research, giving him a lot of satisfaction. Furthermore, David volunteers in a UHL Trust patient trial in respiratory research.

If you would like more information about public and patient engagement in our research please contact Kel Green on 0116 204 4768 or email to join our mailing list.  You can also follow us on twitter or facebook for the latest news. To find out more about PPE please visit INVOLVE - the national advisory group that supports public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.Our PPI/E strategy can be viewed here and our action plan can be viewed here.

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