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Ever wondered what it’s like taking part in research?

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There are many research projects taking place at the LCBRU and the chances are that if you are a patient with cardiovascular disease being treated at UHL, you may be invited to take part in at least one of them. There are lots of different research projects involving different levels of commitment from participating volunteers including:

  • Information Studies: These involve giving a researcher permission to access your information, perhaps from your medical notes, or perhaps by completing a questionnaire or survey.

  • Tissue Studies: These ask you to give us a sample of your blood or urine, or tissue removed during a procedure or intervention that you had as part of your healthcare. The sample could be used in the laboratory in all sorts of ways (you’ll usually be told what the sample is being used for when you give consent), for example, to find out what DNA can tell us about the risk of cardiovascular illness, or perhaps to look at proteins in the blood.

  • Interventional Research: These studies involve trying out an intervention like a new drug. Early interventional studies are usually about seeing how well people tolerate a new intervention, and what side-effects the intervention has. Further down the research process, there are studies about how effective an intervention is compared to standard treatments.

LCBRU Patient Case Study

Mr Allenby, 81

I thought taking part in this study would help someone else in the future.

Mr Allenby is a volunteer on the DHF study, which he found out about through a letter from the Hospital.  As part of the study, Mr Allenby has had heart scans and exercise tests. He has found it satisfying to participate in this trial and learned the importance of looking after himself.

To find out about cardiovascular research trials that you could participate in, please email Kel Green or phone her on 0116 204 4768.

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