Women in Science

engineer with computerIn the Treaty of the European Union, articles 2 and 3 establish equality between women and men as an objective of the Community. Endorsing this policy, this Marie Curie Integrated Training Network (ITN) contributes to improving the gender balance in the aeronautical profession in the ERA, where women are currently under-represented. The ITN programme monitors the participation of women against the specific objective of achieving a 40% or higher percentage of women in the Early Stage Researcher (ESR) and Established Researcher (ER) cohorts.

The host organisations applies a policy of equal opportunities, in particular between men and women, concerning access to training.

Women are currently under-represented in aerodynamic research. This ITN aims to contribute towards redressing this under-representation by (i) advertising the ESR and ER fellowships, to encourage the participation of women, and (ii) mentoring female candidates through a dedicated peer-support system, to maximise the retention of ESR female students for the full-term of the training programme.

The female ESR trainees and ER fellows is paired with professional women engineers, working in industry or in the academia.

Some interesting links:

European Commission, The People Work Programme, Implementation Principles, July 2011.

Female researcher experiences

"I am an assistant professor at the University of Toulouse in the Department of Mechanics. I spend a part of my time to teach at the University and another part to do research to the Institute of fluid mechanics of Toulouse (IMFT). It was very natural for me to opt for studies of sciences because my favorite domains at school were the mathematics and the physics. I have never thought that I would have more difficulties than men to pursue such studies, and I was right. It is true that fewer women than men have scientific careers, but they succeed in it as well as their male colleagues."
P.C., Maître de conférences, Université de Toulouse, Paul Sabatier

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