List of projects

Topics and synergies

The work is shared among the academic partners with 9 doctoral level and 2 post-doctoral level projects. Topics, location of the fellow, and collaborations are described in the table below.

Fellow numberProject titleHost institutionCountryDuration (months)Fellow name
ESR1 Modelling in-flight jets (see more details) University of Leicester UK 36 Alessandro Mancini
ESR2 Noise source analysis by Ffowcs Williams and Hawkings acoustic analogy (see more details) University of Leicester UK 36 Danilo Di Stefano
ESR3 Simulation of shock-cell noise for a double-flux exhaust with elsA solver (see more details) CERFACS FR 36 Carlos Pérez Arroyo
ESR4 Development, validation and application to databases, of advanced analysis techniques (Wavelets, LSE, POD) for noise sources identification (see more details) Università degli Studi Roma Tre IT 36 Lior Gefen
ESR5 Shock cell noise experiments (see more details) Von Karman Institute BE 36 Daniel Guariglia
ESR6 Jet plume stability analysis (see more details) Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse BE 36 Tobias Ansaldi
ESR7 Feasibility study and cost/benefit analysis of a new jet test rig at INSEAN (see more details) The Italian Ship Model Basin (CNR-INSEAN) IT 9 Carina Freitas
ESR8 2D/3D PIV, and multiple LDV (see more details) The Italian Ship Model Basin (CNR-INSEAN) IT 36 Elena Miguel
ER1 Improve CFD elsA software for shock-cell noise capturing methods and import it in Airbus environment CERFACS FR 15 Shreyas Bidadi
ESR9 Knowledge capturing and management for computer based design processes (see more details) University of Greenwich UK 36 Francisco Javier Granados Ortiz
ESR10 Jet rig development and acoustic measurements (see more details) The Italian Ship Model Basin (CNR-INSEAN) IT 20 Mohsin Khalil Ahmed
ESR12 Porting knowledge management tool in GE Power(see more details) GE Power UK 18 Ilaria De Dominicis

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