Action on Communities of Health and Equality (ACHE)

The East Midlands Research Consortium ACHE consists of a group of experts in health, diversity, vulnerability and equality. Representing the University of Leicester, De Montfort University and the University of Nottingham, ACHE has a range of research interests in areas that concern vulnerable populations in society, and particularly in understanding the lived experiences of these communities and in improving their welfare. The focus of our research is round health equality and inequality, and promoting wellbeing in all groups.

Member of ACHE work closely with other units and groups within the three universities. Collaborations include:

The ACHE research consortium appreciates the support of both the statutory and voluntary sector.


University of Leicester

  • Professor Surinder Sharma
  • Dr Michelle O’Reilly
  • Dr Khalid Karim
  • Dr Nicola Macintosh
  • Dr Oliver Williams
  • Professor Martin Halliwell

De Montfort University

  • Professor Raghu Raghavan

University of Nottingham

  • Dr Louise Thomson

Biographies and research interests of ACHE members.

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