Accelerating Cancer Drug Discovery Through Structural Biology (3rd scientific meeting)

Including -

Keynote Speaker:

Stefan Knapp, SGC node at the Goethe-University Frankfurt

and a full programme of speakers  -

  • Small Molecular Drug Discovery Case Studies: Peter Cherepanov (Chromatin structure and mobile DNA Laboratory, Crick)
  • Biologics: Alastair Lawson (Senior Fellow, UCB); Svend Kjaer (Structural Biology, Science Technology Platform Deputy, Crick)
  • Emerging Technologies: Aude Echalier-Glazer (Scientific Coordinator, Exscientia); Jose Marquez (Head of the Crystallization Facility, EMBL Grenoble) and short presentations and posters from researchers tbc.

This free one-day meeting is open to anyone with an interest in the use of structural biology and fragment-based hit screening to accelerate drug discovery in oncology and beyond.

16th March 2020, The Francis Crick Institute, London, #AcceleratingCancerDrugDiscovery

Deadline for registration: Monday 9th March 2020. Enquiries to Anna Harding,

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