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“Accelerating cancer drug discovery through structural biology“ is a CRUK Network Accelerator Award (CNAA) hosted by the University of Leicester, with collaborators at Newcastle, ICR, Beatson, Manchester, Leeds, Belfast, CRUK-Medimmune alliance and the CRUK TDL. Our remit is to support drug discovery projects using our expertise in structure-based approaches and supported by additional resources funded through the CNAA.

This meeting aimed to share best practice in exploiting structural information in drug discovery. Building from a network of CRUK supported Drug Discovery Groups, it brought together experts in structure-aided drug discovery who discussed what makes a good drug target, how to find your first hit, fragment library composition, and biophysical and structural approaches to fragment library screening and triaging.  The meeting interested both researchers currently engaged in drug discovery and those keen to embark on a drug discovery project. To promote opportunities for discussion the meeting included lunchtime round table Q&A sessions and finished with a reception.

The meeting was supported by CRUK and Newcastle University.

Event Information

One Day Conference - Tuesday 20th February 2018 Conference Image

Centre for Life 


Highlights of the conference

Keynote Speaker

  • Peter Parker (Francis Crick Institute, London)

Sessions included

  • What makes a good target (chaired by Ian Hickson, Newcastle)
  • Fragment approaches (chaired by Martin Noble, Newcastle)
  • Structural biology success stories (chaired by Aude Echalier, SGC/Oxford)

What delegates said...

Enjoyed spending Tuesday evening amongst the dinosaurs after a great day of fantastic talks on structural biology in oncology research!
Amazing keynote from Prof. Peter Parker with a super intriguing approach to targeting pseudokinases..
Enjoyed the panel discussion at on how to find your hits (and what to do with them). Is there hope that success rates will improve in the near future?

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