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PARCA-R Questionnaire

The PARCA-R questionnaire was originally developed and validated in EnglishIn addition to the English version, the questionnaire has been translated into other languages.

An online version of the PARCA-R is also available. Using the online questionnaire, PARCA-R raw scores will be automatically calculated for you. These can then be transferred directly into the score calculator to obtain the corresponding standardised scores and percentile ranks. You will need to know the child's sex, date of birth and date of assessment to obtain the standardised scores.

PARCA-R Score calculator

score calculator is also available. This can be used to obtain the PARCA-R standardised scores and percentile ranks. To use this you will need to know the child’s sex, date of birth, date of assessment and their raw PARCA-R scores. For calculating scores for corrected age, for children born preterm, you will also need to know the child’s expected date of delivery.

If you experience any technical difficulties whilst accessing the score calculator please contact us.

Scoring Instructions

PARCA-R raw scores can be calculated in two ways:

(1) by hand using the following instructions, or

(2) automatically using the online questionnaire.

PARCA-R standardised scores can be calculated in two ways:

(1) by hand, using the norms tables

(2) automatically, using the score calculator.


If you wish to read more about the studies that have used the PARCA-R questionnaire please download the publication list.

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