Safer Together LLR (formerly Patient Safety Community of Practice) - General Resources

Safer Together LLR is continuing and is supported by East Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative.
For further details on Safer Together LLR please email, join the Safer Together LLR Life QI group and follow the twitter handle @safer2getherLLR


TypeTitle Date
Assessment Promote a culture of safety October 2017
Animation Systems Thinking - A new direction in Healthcare Incident Investigation September 2017
Patient Safety Resource Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group NA
Patient Safety Resource Measurement and monitoring of safety e-guide April 2017
University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) Maternity Learning Package and Video

"The Little Voice Inside"

LIIPS Forum Presentation BCT Learning from Incidents workshop 2016
Patient Safety Resources Health Foundation patient safety resource centre N/A
Report Better Care Together - Learning From Incidents Report July 2016
Video Introduction to the Co -Creation Network January 2015
Masters Submission
Tara M Marshall

The North - South Divide.  A view from the shop floor.  Quality Initiatives fail because of the absence of safety culture measurement.

September 2013


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