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NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship

 Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowships (KMRF) are designed to support a balance of innovative knowledge mobilisation and research into the processes and impacts of such innovation.

 In order to support partnership working between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and publicly funded healthcare bodies (NHS organisations or other publicly funded organisations providing health or social care services, for example social enterprises or local authorities), applications must be supported by organisations from both of these different sectors.

 KMR Fellowships are personal awards designed to buy out an individual’s salary costs, support the development of innovative knowledge mobilisation activity, and provide the resources necessary to undertake a research investigation of that knowledge mobilisation.


1pm on 14 September 2017
NIHR Research on interventions to support service guideline implementation and the adoption of new models of care at scale 14 September 2017
Health Foundation


 The economic and social value of health

We are inviting researchers to submit research proposals that build the evidence for health as an asset for the economy and society, and generate new knowledge to understand the impact that the health of an individual has on their own social and economic outcomes.

We are looking to fund a number of projects that span a range of age groups and different social and economic outcomes.

Each project will receive between £150,000 and £350,000 for research that is up to three years in duration.

Behavioural Insights Research Programme

Our Behavioural Insights Research Programme aims to support research over a two to three year timeframe that designs, tests and evaluates behavioural interventions that can improve efficiency and reduce waste within health care services in the UK.

The programme also seeks to support research that increases our understanding of how to better implement and spread behavioural interventions in a UK health care context.

Each project will receive between £150,000 and £350,000 for research completed over two to three years.



Autumn 2017 - Innovating for Improvement programme. Funding to health care teams to test and develop their innovative ideas

Autumn 2017 - Further round GenerationQ programme, fully-funded leadership and quality improvement programme

Autumn 2017 - Recruiting research teams to look at the impact of health on societal and economic outcomes for individuals and communities




12 noon on 29 September 2017






12 noon on
20 October 2017















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