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LIIPS will cease its activities on 31st December 2017

October 2017 - LIIPS will cease its activities on 31st December 2017

Following wide discussion and consultation, it is with regret that the LIIPS Steering Group recently decided that LIIPS will cease its activities on 31st December 2017.

Although funding was still offered by some of the LIIPS partners, the amounts available are not sufficient to maintain LIIPS in a sustainable way that is effective in achieving its objectives.

All remaining LIIPS events scheduled for 2017 will continue as planned. These include for November the last Measurement for Improvement workshop, a Safer Together LLR meeting and LIIPS Seminar: Systemic Accident Analysis Methods and in December the LIIPS Workshop: Visual tools for healthcare.

Work is now commencing to maximise the legacy of the many achievements of and relationships formed through LIIPS. Details of the LIIPS LinkedIn group to follow soon. If you have any questions please email LIIPS.

Please contact us by Tuesday 19th December with any questions or requests as this will be the last full working day for LIIPS.

September 2017 - Just released!! New animation.
Systems Thinking - A New Direction in Healthcare Incident Investigation

Thomas JunThis animation funded through The Evidence into Practice programme is now available here.

The funding enabled the team to work with LIIPS and Cogni+ive Media (producer of RSA Animate and BBC History of Ideas series) to produce a hand-drawn animation film to accelerate the use of systems thinking in healthcare incident investigation.Patrick Waterson

Further information can be found here

The Health Foundation awarded Thomas Jun and Patrick Waterson at Loughborough University one of eight new awards in its new Evidence into Practice programme.

The Evidence into Practice programme aims to support improvement research to make a difference in practice and is designed to help research teams bridge the gap from academic research findings, to actionable information for people practicing in the field.

To learn more about the project please visit the Health Foundation website. This work is supported by LIIPS.

August 2017 - Leicester’s Hospitals wins innovation award to improve quality of health care

A team from Leicester’s Hospitals has been selected by the Health Foundation, an independent health and health care charity, to be part of its £1.5 million innovation programme, Innovating for Improvement.

The innovative project from Leicester’s Hospitals is called ‘Optimising the treatment of MRSA through the use of computer models to personalise vancomycin dosing’. MRSA is a bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics. It is a cause of sepsis, which can be fatal if not treated correctly. The antibiotic, vancomycin, can be used to treat it, but getting the correct levels in the blood can be difficult in critically ill patients and using the using the current ‘one-size-fits-all’ dose risks treatment failure.

This project will implement a new approach whereby the dose of antibiotic is personalised to each patient using Dr Mullacomputer models created from large scale clinical information collected from previously treated patients.

The team will be led by Dr Hussain Mulla, Senior Clinical Pharmacist at Leicester’s Hospitals.

Dr Mulla said: “We are delighted to have received this funding from The Health Foundation for a very important project. Personalised dosing is a crucial component of the Precision Medicine initiative, and this project will assess whether personalised dosing of antibiotics, which has enormous potential to improve outcomes, can be successfully implemented at the bed-side as part of routine clinical practice.”

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