The Q Community

What is Q?

Q is an initiative connecting people with improvement expertise across the UK, led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS Improvement. More details here.

Q is connecting a diverse range of people, with improvement expertise, to form a UK-wide community. Q is making it easier for people to come together to share ideas, enhance skills and collaborate to make health and care better.  As part of this, Q has partnered with a number of organisations – Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Public Health Wales, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland and in England the Academic Health Science Network (AHSNs).

Who is part of Q?

The Q community includes those at the front line of health and social care, patient leaders, commissioners, managers, researchers, policymakers and others.  Those interested in joining Q will need to demonstrate knowledge and experience of improvement and reflect on how they can benefit and contribute to the community.

As of 10th November 2017 363 new members joined the Q community producing a total of 2,152 members.

Who are the LLR Q members?

Chetna Modi                                Colette Marshall                        Damian Roland

Diane Ketley                                Fay Bayliss                                Kate Dawson

Laura Willcocks                          Moira Durbridge                        Simon Robinson

Suzanne Khalid                          Tom Palser                                Tracy Ward

Joining Q

There are many reasons to join Q:
• Connect, share and learn with people from different disciplines and sectors, from across the UK to help create real change.
• Join a diverse community 
• Tap into Q as a source of innovation and practical problem solving.
• Develop your improvement skills and help lead and develop others beyond Q.
• No membership fee.
• Let Q grow with you as your career progresses- participate in ways that fit with your life and improvement priorities
• Enjoy benefits including free online subscriptions, Q visits and inspiring events scheduled throughout the year.
• Get involved in other activities including special interest groups, Q Labs and Randomised Coffee Trials with others in the community. Find out more.

How to apply

Opportunities to join Q will reopen in spring 2018. Be the first to know when Q is open to new applications by registering your interest.

For more information visit the Q website or contact Cheryl Crocker or East Midlands Academic Health Network (EM AHSN)

You can also keep up to date by joining the conversation on Twitter @theQcommunity.

Q in the East Midlands

To see members of Q in the East Midlands visit the Q members directory for East Midlands.

 EM Q Members Nov 17 

East Midlands Q Members at the Quality Improvement Network Meeting, November 2017


GenerationQ Fellows

GenerationQ is The Health Foundation's part time, fully-funded leadership development programme for senior leaders from health and health care practice, policy and the charity sector. The programme is designed to equip Fellows with the skills and techniques to lead and deliver improvements across services and organisations. Fellows will be joining a network of skilled and effective leaders who are able to have an impact on improving quality of care beyond their immediate sphere of influence.

Current GenerationQ LLR fellows are:

Allister Grant

Simon Robinson

Nichola Crust


GenerationQ is now open for applications for 2018 and will close on 10 January 2018

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