East Midlands Quality Improvement (QI) Activity

EM AHSN is aiming to build on the existing QI activity via an East Midlands wide initiative. Check out developments on their website and follow on twitter @EM_AHSN ‏


East Midlands QI Event, November 2017

At the November QI network event we discussed the potential of developing a more formal structure for Quality Improvement across the East Midlands. The audience were asked to vote against a number of questions as follows:

98 percent of participants wanted something more formal.
89 percent wanted this to be inclusive, for everyone working in the Q I space.
11 percent wanted training to be included
16 percent wanted training and conferences
31 percent wanted all the above plus an oversight of regional work included.
There was no agreement on what the name of the structure would be called.

The audience wanted change to occur between 6 months and within a year.

Next steps

The EMAHSN Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC) will write to the QI network members and ask for nominations to represent patients and the public, STP, industry, academia and health and social care for a steering group to develop this further.

The PSC will develop partner relations to support the development of a more formal structure.

The next conference is on May 9th 2018 at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham. The events will run twice a year, May and November alternating between venues in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. These will be supported by workshops, seminars and meetings to support this work and in part funded by the Health Foundation to support Q but open to all members.

For further information please contact Cheryl Crocker or visit the EMAHSN PSC website

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