LIIPS Medication Safety Group

The LIIPS Medication Safety Group will explore opportunities to:

  • Share learning from different organisations
  • Utilise expertise in academia e.g. human factors, health system engineering, simulation
  • Understand the need and identify opportunities for testing medication safety initiatives at scale across the health community
  • Support development and submission of joint bids for appropriate grants/funding streams

The lead for this Group is Suzanne Khalid, who is a Clinical Director -Renal, respiratory and cardiovascular clinical management group at University Hospitals of Leicester.

Previous events with resources are listed below. For forthcoming events please visit our events webpage.

November workshop

2016 LIIPS Forum workshop

Dr.Jun and Suzanne Khalid

Dr. Thomas Jun and Suzanne Khalid

workshop attendees

November 2016 workshop


Topic of Group Meeting Date
Improving Anticoagulation Safety Together 25 November 2016

Systems Theoretic Accident Model and Processes (STAMP)

LIIPS Report

9 June 2016
Exploring Human Factors in Reducing Harm from Insulin

9 March 2016

Opportunities for learning from high-risk industries

5 November 2015
Reducing errors and incidents around prescribing, dispensing, preparing, and administering medicines 23 June 2015
Creating the LIIPS Medication Safety Group 27 April 2015
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