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The Q community

Opportunities to join the Q community for people working or volunteering in quality improvement in healthcare

Open from 3 August – 11 September 2017

The Health Foundation, together with EMAHSN, are looking for people with health and care improvement expertise to join Q. Q is an initiative connecting people who have health and care improvement expertise across the UK.

The Q community is made of up a diverse range of people including those at the front line of health and social care, patient leaders, managers, commissioners, researchers, policymakers, and others. Those interested in joining Q will need to demonstrate knowledge and experience of improvement and reflect on how they can benefit and contribute to the community.

For more information visit q.health.org.uk or contact Cheryl Crocker.

Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group

The community pharmacy Patient Safety Group provides a forum for community pharmacy organisations, competitors in a commercial sense, to openly share and learn from each other when things go wrong, as well as from other sectors and industries.

We are a self-funded, self-created Group with a difference. We consider how learning from patient safety incidents can be applied across the pharmacy network and wider NHS, and then create the opportunities and resources to do just that.  For more information please visit the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group website

CHAIN Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network

chain network CHAIN, an informal, multi-professional mutual support network in the field of health & Social Care.

CHAIN, (standing for Contacts, Help, Advice & Information Network), originated 20 years ago in the NHS Research & Development programme in England and has since grown into a not-for profit international online community of over 15,400 people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with each other. The community includes frontline healthcare practitioners from all professions, managers, educators, researchers and knowledge specialists (see the latest analysis of CHAIN membership). It is currently funded by a consortium of stakeholders including the National Institute for Health Research, Macmillan Cancer Support, Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, Health Service Executive, NHS Education England, NHS Leadership Academy and Alzheimer’s Society. Sister networks exist in Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Italy and Spain forming an international pool of tacit knowledge and mutual support for health care professionals.

Recent developments also include the establishment of facilitated sub-groups focusing on Leadership, Dementia, Clinical Audit, Health & Wellbeing, Self-management of long term conditions, and Improving Patients’ Experience.

Membership is entirely FREE and members of CHAIN get access to the network’s online directory, as well as receiving occasional messages which are targeted specifically to their individual interests. We would be delighted if you would join CHAIN, and if you do, experience tells us that you will almost certainly find the network to be valuable, as you will gain access to over 15,400 people from all professions, specialties and organisations who share your own willingness to be generous with knowledge and experience in pursuit of improving health and social care.


For further Information on CHAIN, (including an external evaluation published in BMJ), and an online joining form, go to www.chain-network.org.uk


East Midlands Academic Health Science Network - Patient Safety Collaborative

Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSCs) are a new national programme to improve the safety of patients and ensure constant learning sits at the heart of healthcare in England. The programme is coordinated by NHS England supported by NHS Improving Quality and is being developed by 15 local collaboratives covering the same geographical area as each of the 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs). Their establishment will be supported by the AHSNs. The collaborative for our region is being led by the EMAHSN.

For further information on the Patient Safety Collaborative, go to East Midlands Academic Health Science Network or view the latest newsletter here.

How Safe is Our Care

Network and resources to support the use of the Health Foundation ‘A framework for measuring and monitoring safety’ . A collaboration between AQuA, Haelo, Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Yorkshire & Humber Improvement Academy, supported by the Health Foundation and based on the pioneering research of Professor Charles Vincent, are continuing to test the use of the measurement and monitoring of safety framework.

More details on the available resources, calls and events at http://www.howsafeisourcare.com/

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