What LIIPS can do for you

LIIPS provides, as part of its ‘core offer’:

    • Facilitation
    • Training
    • Connections
    • Access
    • Awareness


fascilitation quote 2 Facilitation of activity around quality and safety, through a neutral ‘honest broker’ role enabling system wide conversation and collaboration

For example, the LIIPS Medication Safety Group enables cross organisational working. Meetings have involved academics from LIIPS partner organisations presenting on key topics of mutual interest to LIIPS partner organisations, e.g. human factors. The group then works together and discusses how this can be applied to local practice to identify solutions or new approaches to known safety problems. Reports of the meetings are on the LIIPS website here.

training Training

Training in key areas of quality improvement relevant to the full range of healthcare staff

Measurement for Improvement workshops. LIIPS offers two types of half-day workshop on measuring for improvement; both are interactive and focus on using real data. Feedback from the workshops is excellent.

LIIPS also offers training in Quality Improvement (QI). LPT have commissioned LIIPS to deliver training days for the ‘We-Improve’ programme and for the continuous quality improvement training programme.

Developing Patient Leaders. Work with Healthwatch Leicestershire involves a programme of development aimed at empowering Healthwatch members in their "overview and scrutiny" roles on boards of partner NHS provider and commissioner organisations.

Connectionslpt connecting quote

Connections across organisations and between individuals

connections quote 2 The objective of creating and strengthening connections across the organisations and individuals that make up LIIPS underpins all its activities, and was embodied in the LIIPS launch event (December 2015) and the LIIPS Forum 2016 where, alongside expert speakers and dissemination of LIIPS work, a major focus was the facilitation of cross-organisation networking and collaboration. LIIPS fosters multiple purposeful e-introductions between staff with complementary interests from LIIPS organisations. This has, for example, resulted in placement of students from Universities for work within the NHS. LIIPS is the only mechanism for connecting, collaborating and sharing across NHS and academic organisations and across professional and speciality groups in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

AccessAccess quote

Access to experience and expertise in quality improvement, human factors and other areas

LIIPS has an active programme of seminars and dissemination events, which individuals from all partner organisations can access free of charge. Presentations from academics from the Universities with interests in patient safety, quality improvement and patient and public involvement are very well received.

awareness Awareness

Awareness raising around improvement, innovation and patient safety.

LIIPS seeks out and shares, via its email updates, website, Twitter account (@LIIPSLeics) and other avenues, details of free opportunities, events, training, tools etc. relevant to quality and safety in healthcare.

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