The governance structure comprises the Steering Group and the Core Development Group. Each partner organisation selects representation for each group. The relationship between the groups is based on supportive, two way communication and consultation.

The Role of the Steering Group is to provide guidance, strategic direction and communication back to the partner organisations and to agree on a model for the future funding and governance of LIIPS. The Core Development Group is an operational group charged with continuing to develop LIIPS and provide two way communication to the partner organisations. The original governance document is here.

The Steering Group met for the final time in September 2017 and made the decision to close LIIPS at the end of the year.  Although funding was still offered by some of the LIIPS partners, the amounts available were not sufficient to maintain LIIPS in a sustainable way that was effective in achieving its objectives.  LIIPS leaves a legacy building on its many successes.

Steering Group Members Core Development Group Members
  • Graham Martin - Chair (University of Leicester)
  • Anne Scott, Wendy Hope and Tracy Burton (representing all LLR CCGs)
  • Satheesh Kumar (Leicestershire Partnership Trust)
  • Simon Oldroyd (De Montfort University)
  • Elizabeth Anderson (University of Leicester)
  • Vandna Gohil (Healthwatch Leicestershire)
  • Sue Hignett (Loughborough University)
  • Jay Banerjee (University Hospitals of Leicester)
  • Nicola Bateman (University of Leicester)
  • Diane Ketley (LIIPS)
  • Jay Banerjee (University Hospitals of Leicester)
  • Suzanne Khalid (University Hospitals of Leicester)
  • Moira Durbridge (University Hospitals of Leicester)
  • Richard Apps (Leicestershire Partnership Trust)
  • Fabida Noushad (Leicestershire Partnership Trust)
  • Julian Stribling (De Montfort University)
  • Josie Solomon (De Montfort University)
  • Debbie Wall and Tracy Ward (representing all LLR CCGs)
  • Grace Smalley (Loughborough University)
  • Chris Williams (University of Leicester)


East CCGdmu


City CCG Lboro
west ccg UniOfLeics

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