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What LIIPS delivered for LLR

This simple infographic summaries what LIIPS delivered for LLR.  Please click on the image below to access a PDF version with active links.

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LIIPS Impact Report

It is important to demonstrate the benefit of LIIPS. Reports are made to member organisations which include quantitative and qualitative information on deliverables, impact and benefit.


LIIPS Survey

The LIIPS March 2017 survey provided detailed and useful information. The survey aimed to capture the benefits achieved by LIIPS so far and to understand what the future focus of LIIPS should be from the perspective of its members. A particular aim was to seek views on how best to enable networking, connections and communications, within the LIIPS community, to facilitate collaborative working to improve care.


Survey results - You Said, We Did – LIIPS actions following the Survey 2017

You wanted LIIPS to focus on training and education (workshops/seminars/lectures) (74%) and networking opportunities (57%)

LIIPS has increased the number and range of training and educational offers. Details available on the LIIPS seminars here, measurement workshops here and QI training here.

Face to face networking is built into the design of all LIIPS training and educational events, example photo here.

A majority of respondents wanted to be part of a LIIPS member database containing information on expertise, areas of interest and activity.

LIIPS has explored free and commercial options and the way forward is to be discussed at the LIIPS Steering group meeting in September.

You wanted LIIPS to offer a LIIPS online group such as LinkedIn (72%) and Virtual networking opportunities (68%)

The LIIPS Life QI group was formed in November 2017. For details, see the LIIPS legacy webpages

You wanted to receive information from LIIPS via LIIPS email updates (95%), Twitter (44%), LIIPS website (39%)

LIIPS sent out regular email updates, usually monthly, copies here.

LIIPS tweeted every day (Monday – Friday) and had a steady increase in followers, @LIIPSLeics.

The LIIPS website was updated regularly on an ongoing basis.

Feedback on the work of LIIPS

Feedback is collected routinely following events, shared and acted on. Opinions are collected at all LIIPS events, via LIIPS survey and is sought through the LIIPS website. 

Evaluation of LIIPS report commissioned by EM Patient Safety Collaborative

LIIPS Evaluation ReportThe East Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative commissioned the University of Nottingham to do an evaluation of LIIPS on 10th June 2016 . The aim was to evaluate LIIPS’ activity to date and to inform the future development of LIIPS and other patient safety and quality improvement initiatives. Findings show that strengths include credibility with the NHS and academic partners, usefulness of activities such as Measurement for Improvement workshops and Medication Safety group, independence and inclusiveness and focus on real issues, the local area and also on connectivity and synergy. Remaining challenges include difficulties measuring impact, need for clear priorities, dependence on key individuals, difficulties accessing/engaging frontline staff and sustainability of funding.

The full report is available here.

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