International Families

If you have children in the UK and they are aged 5 years and over, they MUST attend school. However if you have children under 5 years and they need to be cared for during the day, there are many private nurseries available in and around the city. Children aged 3-4 yrs are entitled to some free child care at private nurseries see the links below There are also individuals called "child minders" who are availabel to care for your children

international family square.jpgTo access a place in a local school you need to complete an on line application. We would advise you to do so as soon as possible as often the places are quickly taken therefore you may not be allocated the school which is nearest to where you live

The University has it own nursery for children up to 5 years old

Leicestrshire also has many private nurseries

Child minders in Leicestershire

As the majority of nursery vacancies are filled quickly we would highly recommend that you apply as soon as possible

For all the family

The University has a Chaplaincy which host regular events for International students. This provides an opportunity to get together and meet and chat wih other students, which can help to ease the transition into life in Leicester.

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